Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thankyou Heath

Over the last week I have read so much. I am not very good with words. These words portray my feelings best.
"Heath gave life to a character in a storyline that few Hollywood actors had the artistic courage to portray, and did so magnificently. There will be those who say Brokeback was "just a movie" about some gay guys, but we here know it was so much more. It was the first genuine voice on this scale given to a deep, hidden pain that so many of our fellow gay people have lived through since who knows when. For the first time, many gay people saw their life experience portrayed with dignity and love, and Heath Ledger was an irreplaceable part of that."
LSky94 from the DaveCullen Forum
and from Annie Proulx who wrote the short story.
"Heath Ledger is just almost really beyond description as far as I'm concerned. He got inside the story more deeply than I did. All that thinking about the character of Ennis that was so hard for me to get, Ledger just was there. He did indeed move inside the skin of the character, not just in the shirt but inside the person. It was remarkable."

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Aghaveagh said...

I have read your eloquent words here.

I am so sorry.

I have not seen Brokeback Mountain--for no other reason than the lame one of "not enough time."

I recognize how eloquently it spoke to so many people.

I believe that Heath has a special place in heaven for being an ambassador of tolerance to millions. Let light perpetual shine upon him!

And you, Brian, God Bless you for your witness.

And Grendel appreciates you!