Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final statement from Lambeth

Please go and read the statement by Bishop Gene Robinson as it has finally been made clear that he is not to be invited to join with the other Anglican Bishops at Lambeth. The man is a saint and I have been reduced to tears just reading his statement.

Some excerpts that moved me.
I wasn't going to Lambeth to have another interview with the secular press. If interviewed at all, I want to talk with a theologian. I want to talk about the love of Christ. I want to talk about the God who saved me and redeemed me and continues to live in my life. I want to talk about the Jesus I know in my life.

But my mind boggles at the misperception that this is just about gay rights. It might be in another context, but in this context it is about God's love of all of God's children. It's a theological discussion, it's not a media show. I have been most disappointed in that my desire was to participate in Bible study and small groups, and that is not being offered. It makes me wonder: if we can't sit around a table and study the Bible together, what kind of communion do we have and what are we trying to save?
In my most difficult moments, it feels as if, instead of leaving the 99 sheep in search of the one, my chief pastor and shepherd, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has cut me out of the herd.

I ask two things of you. Some of you have indicated that if I am not invited, you won't go either. I want to say loud and clear - you must go. You must find your voice. And somehow you have to find my voice and the voices of all the gay and lesbian people in your diocese who, for now, don't have a voice in this setting. I'd much rather be talked to than talked about. But you must go and tell the stories of your people, faithful members of your flock who happen to be lesbian and gay.

For God's sake, don't stay away.
Pray for me. I will need that. A lot.
I personally promised to pray for him on that wonderful day I met him last year. I regard him as my bishop.
Akinola and Jensen need not worry about being contaminated if they attend Lambeth. I would not shake hands with Jensen if he visited St James. It would be all I could do to refrain from spitting on him but he need not worry I am HIV free.


Alcibiades said...

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. As you know, I'm not gay, but like +Robinson and the GLBT people he speaks for I am human, and saved by he same Grace as that of which he talks so powerfully. In speaking of Christ with such power he breaks down the divisions which the world would put between us all - and so effectively that I'm also fighting back tears as I write this.

Isn't it ironic that the so-called "liberal" here is the one talking of longing to study the Bible, while the "Bible-believers" have scorned this opportunity?

The man really is a saint, and an inspiration to Christians everywhere. He can be my family's bishop anyday he chooses: I can't imagine a greater honour than for my children to have a role model like him.

Doorman-Priest said...

So deeply disappointing. I am not an Anglican, but living in Britain means I can not but keep abreast of the situation and this is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

What a role model of dignity and humility, though.

June Butler said...

Brian, thanks for the link. What a powerful statement! As I said at the Integrity site, he's a mensch. I want to post the whole thing.

Alcibiades said...

Yes Mimi - that's exactly the word for him: a true Mensch. Well put!

Brian R said...

Thank you all. It is great to have the support of non GLBT folk

Davis said...

I'd say Gene Robinson is, like us, working -towards- sainthood, but he's most definitely taken the high road in this dreadful insulting mess. I'm proud of him.

God -is- listening and watching, Rowan.