Friday, May 08, 2009

Prayer Request

There are many prayer requests on the blogs I read, mine are not serious but are for my sister and brother-in-law.
He is to be operated on for a hernia next week. He has had a number of these over his life, however he had an operation for prostate cancer last year and has therefore had a number of anaesthetics over a year and apparently this is not good at his age so my sister is rather worried.
Meanwhile she has been told she needs to have cataracts removed from both eyes. These days that is just day surgery but still not pleasant. She will wait until her husband is fully recovered so the first one will be in a month's time.


Fran said...

Hello dear Brian. I am already praying for you all. My husband had this surgery almost a month ago and thankfully he is doing fine.

All surgery is scary and no prayer request is insignificant.

Sending you all my prayers and good wishes.

Sorry that I have not been around so much of late.

Brian R said...

Thanks Fran
I do regularly visit and read your blog as with all the blogs on my list but rarely find I have much to say.

Paul said...

Prayers for them both!