Sunday, September 27, 2009

Confused Ritual

Often, after attending church, I return home to read blogs and it is wonderful that some of them contain sermons on the same readings as I have just heard. The different slants by other preachers is very edifying.
Today I am a bit confused as our church celebrated Michaelmas or St Michael and all Angels day and so the readings were quite different. A search on Wikipedia tells me that Michaelmas is next Tuesday so I do not know why we celebrated today.
However we heard a very good sermon on angels or messengers of God  from our previous rector (before I commenced worshipping at St James) now the Bishop of Bathurst, Right Rev Richard Hurford.  There were lots of hugs and kisses at the door as we left. He even gave me a very warm greeting. I do not know if this is usual with him or he was taking insurance in case he had forgotten my face, it was 9 years ago. Our present Rector is leaving in November. he is much more reserved so I cannot imagine the same amount of hugs and kisses if he returns for a visit in 9 years time.

The children did not go out to "Kids@Church" but remained to read the lessons and the prayers of the faithful. Those too young to undertake those tasks collected the offertory (carefully monitored by adults) and formed the offertory procession.  The wine flagon was carried by a little boy not much bigger than it which had my heart in my mouth but I gather there must have been a slight accident with the equally small girl carrying the bread to the altar.

After the Eucharistic prayer and just before the ministers were to process from the altar to the communion rail, I noticed one of them moving across the sanctuary making good use of a dustpan and broom.  Not sure if there is a correct procedure for that in the Sarum rite.


Davis said...

No doubt the Sarum Rite includes dustpans somewhere!

Your parish "anticipated" the feast - a not uncommon practice where the parish determines the feast is important enough to celebrate, but to do so on the actual day is less likely to draw a crowd.

Brian R said...

Thanks Davis, I knew you could inform this rather ignorant ex-evangelical.