Friday, July 01, 2011

Renovations 1 - Kitchen

 Hopefully I have finished renovating the house I purchased in February 2010.
More for my own interest I have decided to do a series recording what has been done. First was the kitchen which had the biggest makeover.  The only original item remaining is the dishwasher, something I do not really need. In the first photo taken not long after I took possession of the house, the new refrigerator, chairs, toaster, jug and microwave can be seen along with the table I brought from Australia.

 In the next photo taken today, the cupboard on the right which hid the water heater has gone, the water heater is now under the house. The new stove and the original dishwasher are now there along with some narrow cupboards. I now have one and a half sinks and 3 good size cupboards underneath. There was only 1 drawer in the original kitchen.  I discovered the other was a false front, after I moved in.

 The next set of photos show that I now have a good set of drawers not just for cutlery but also for pots, pans and dishes. The microwave is now up and away from the bench.  The new stove has power points for the jug and coffee maker so I do not really need the extra power points I installed.


The final 2 photos show the new much larger pantry and cupboards on the opposite wall. I also had new vinyl tiles laid, tiles on the walls above the bench, and finally the walls and ceiling were painted but in the same colour as before.

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