Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid-Winter Festival

I attended for the 3rd time.  Saturday was postponed as heavy rain began about an hour before, thankfully just as I started to get ready. Sunday was much nicer and less crowds than usual so I managed a front position. I had a sausage sandwich then hot cinnamon and sugar nuts with mulled wine while I waited. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out half way through the fireworks.  In preparing the movie for uploading, I discovered that lightening the picture made it a bit blurry.The theme was "A Frosty Night"
Actually it was not too bad a night. We had more frost a week earlier and heavy frost is forecast for this weekend. We had snow yesterday, quite heavy while I was waiting for the bus to go downtown,  but very little settled and rain with strong winds last night have washed it all away.

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