Friday, September 14, 2012

Across Australia No 2 On to Darwin

The following morning was spent in Katherine (pop 11,000) and during the 3 hour stopover I just went to the airconditioned sports club as I was returning there later in my journey.
About 6.30pm, after travelling 2,979 km (1850 miles), we arrived in Darwin (pop 150,000) the capital of the Northern Territory and on the Timor Sea.

I was last there in 1968 before the city was largely destroyed by Cyclone Tracey on Christmas Eve 1975.  It is much bigger now but still just as hot.  I had chosen to visit in the dry season but think I would have happily flown home the next day if my sister had not been flying in the next night to join me for the rest of the trip.  For some reason I feel ill in hot weather.
 However I attended a very informal Eucharist in the cathedral.  I was disappointed the Dean was on holidays as I had heard him preach at St James, King Street. I did not take a photo but here is one from the Net.

I was pleased to see Justice Michael Kirby was to speak on 'Five Uneasy Pieces' in August. Obviously an inclusive diocese.

We visited museums on the environment, Aboriginal and European history including the bombing by the Japanese in WW2 and the cyclone.  We took a sunset dinner cruise on the harbour.

And spent time on a very interesting tour of the new Parliament House.

Finally after 6 nights (for me, 4 with my sister) in a hotel room we picked up our motor home for the next part of the journey. 


Fran said...

Really enjoying this vicarious travel!

Anonymous said...

looks a literally fabulous trip, Brian
Journey well and return safe!
(Much better for the soul than pondering Jensen!! :) )

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm not anonymous and not sure why I showed up as such :)
Kind regards


Brian R said...

Thanks Eric. The email sent to me showed who you were. However my blog relates to July & August. I am now in Dunedin until Christmas and all being well will see you next Sunday.