Thursday, May 08, 2014

Camp in the Catlins

A few weeks ago I led our 60+ Rambling Group on a long weekend camp to the Catlins, south of Dunedin. It was planned a few months ago and I was disappointed that it coincided with the visit to Dunedin by Prince William and Princess Katherine. I had an invitation to the service in the Cathedral.
However the camp went well. There were some showers on the Saturday morning but we adjusted our itinerary to suit.

Friday we went to Kaka Point and Nobby's Lighthouse before lunch.

In the afternoon we went to Purakaunui Bay

Then to Purakaunui Falls

Finally to our lodgings in Pounawea.

Saturday we went to the museum in Owaka, then the local cafe for Coffee followed by an Antique shop and Teapot land, returning to Pounawea for lunch.

The afternoon was fine but cool and windy so we walked the Coach track to Papatowai Beach

then to the Matai Falls.

We had dinner at the Lumber Jack Restaurant in Owaka

Sunday was fine but still a cold wind, we drove south to Florence Hill Lookout

then walked to Lake Wilkie and some nearby wetlands.

After Morning Tea we walked to the McLean Falls.

then to the comically named Niagara Falls

Onto the museum at Waikawa and  then Curio Bay.
 and a walk in the nearby woodland

After coffee at the Niagara Tea Rooms we walked over the dunes to Tautuku Bay.

On Monday group photos were taken near our lodgings.

Yes I was the only male.

Then we drove to Jack's Bay and walked to Jack's Blowhole. It was low  tide so not a good viewing of the blowhole but nice scenery.

Our final walk was to Barr's Falls

before visiting the Catlins Soap Factory where we ate our lunches in the grounds

before driving back to Dunedin.

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Leonard said...

GREAT VIEW (even from here), glad you had fun! Len/Guatemala