Friday, May 14, 2010

Keystone Kops strike again

They can no longer be called Keelty's Keystone Kops because Keelty has resigned but they are proving to be just as incompetent as before. The AFP (Australian Federal Police) had a major mass murderer, Dragan Vasiljkovic, in their domain.

He managed to give them the slip by not turning up in court the day his bail was denied. (He had been in court the day before but the AFP would not have thought to keep a watch on him).
After not being able to find him for nearly 40 days they decided he must have fled to the Netherlands and informed that country's  police.  It only took the Dutch police 7 days to discover his whereabouts and where was he?  Back in Australia. The AFP was probably too busy watching out for possible Muslim terrorists among the overseas doctors working here.

I do believe that people are innocent until proven guilty and do hope  Dragan Vasiljkovic gets a fair trial in Croatia but you would hardly be surprised if he was murdered.  But I think rotting slowly in jail would be a better end for him.

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