Friday, May 28, 2010

Travel Plans Part 2

I have struck a couple of problems with the second part of my journey.  I prefer travelling by train rather than air and I do not want to drive on the wrong side of the road. I drove from San Francisco to Yosemite and back in 1997 and was terrified most of the way. Since then I have driven around Amiens in France in 2002 and 2007 as it was the only way to reach my Uncle's grave but again not something I entered into lightly.

As mentioned in the first installment I am flying from Munich to Chicago on September 22nd and have booked 3 nights there. I spent less than 24 hours in Chicago in 1999 and went up the Sears Tower but not much else in the way of sightseeing. It was November and a bit cold down by the lake.
Hopefully I might meet up with two readers of my blog there. I had wanted to travel by the Lakeshore Limited to New York but all the roomettes were booked out 5 months in advance and I did not fancy sitting up all night so am flying to New York on Saturday 25th.

There is a dinner for Brokeback Mountain Fans in New York that night and on Sunday I plan to attend the Episcopal Church of St Paul, Chatham and meet Rev Elizabeth Kaeton (Telling Secrets).

I will spend another 2 days in New York. After visiting for 3 days in both 1980 and 2007 I feel I have done the main tourist things so will need to consider  further what I will do in the big Apple this time.

 Then I commence a strange zig zag odyssey through New England. I will catch the train to Albany on Wednesday 29th and hopefully meet up with Fran. Then on the 30th travel by train to Springfield, Mass.  I have made a hotel booking there which cannot be cancelled although I think it may have been a mistake. I thought several days in Burlington, Vermont would be pleasant.  However the train arrives in Essex Jct about 5 miles away at nearly 9pm. There is a local bus but I may have to get a cab. I considered Greyhound but they travel through the night arriving 4am and the plane fare is ridiculous (3 times the fare from Chicago to New York).  Perhaps I could rent a car in Springfield for the journey up and back (372 km each way) but......

After 3 nights in Burlington, hopefully with some relaxing walks and lake cruises, I will return to Springfield by train and then a bus over to Boston for 3 nights.  I visited Boston in 1980 and liked it very much.
Then to Maine for 3 nights where MotherAmelia has kindly offered to accommodate and show me around (and I will meet a Church Dog)

Again there are problems with my next leg to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I originally planned to travel by ferry but it no longer runs.  Plane flights from Portland are ridiculous as they travel via Philadelphia and cost accordingly.  So I will need to travel by train back to Boston for one night and have booked the only direct flight from Boston to Halifax which leaves at 8am on Monday October 11.

Then my third stage through Canada begins.
There will be 19 nights in the USA plus another 2 in San Francisco on the way home

I have solved my problem. There is a day Greyhound coach from Springfield MA (changing at White River Jct) to Burlington AIRPORT and arriving just before 3pm. From there I can catch a shuttle to Burlington Downtown at a reasonable hour. I will return in the train.


MLBuchanan said...

We just had a very nice trip from Rhode Island through Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The ferries no longer run for Maine to Halifax because they are so expensive that nobody would take them. We didn't get as far north as Burlington, but we did see some very interesting little towns in the south of Vermont. We hope to see you in Chicago.

Fran said...

Oh my - what a trip. I can see that it is complicated to plan.

I am so glad that you are headed this way and I am very much looking forward to our meet up!

Your travel to Canada makes me so envious... so close, yet so far. We are flying out of Montreal to go to Paris, but no time for further travel there. I would love to go to Halifax one day and that seems like a great time of year to go. It is a hassle though!

motheramelia said...

If you don't want to stay overnight in Boston and don't mind getting up really early you can take a bus from Portland to Logan airport, rather than the train. The 5 am bus gets to Logan at 6:50 am. My son and grandson took that one for an 8 am flight to LA. We had to get out the house just before 4 to make the bus.