Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mid-Winter Festival, Lantern Procession

Thanks to Birdie for encouraging me to take my camera. I did not buy a camera for night work and rarely do anything more than point and click.
 However here are the photos from last night. The first shows the Anglican Cathedral on the left and the Town Hall Clock Tower on the right.

Then I managed to shoot a short movie and upload it to Youtube

Finally the more professional production at the Otago Daily Times.


Fran said...

The video was great to watch! Loved it!!

Thanks for sharing this, looks like loads of fun and makes me want to be there for next year's festival!

Birdie said...

What wonderful lanterns! How are they lit? Is there special meaning to the shapes they choose. I especially like the seahorses. Thank you for taking pictures!

Brian R said...

They were lit by candles. Why there were no fires, I do not know. The theme for this year was sea creatures.