Saturday, June 12, 2010

Music in Dunedin

Since moving to Dunedin I have been able to attend many more live music performances than I was able to attend in Sydney. Although Sydney has the world renowned Opera House, Sydney Symphony and Australian Opera the performances tend to be very expensive and I had the problem of a 2 hour journey home, not very pleasant in the evening. My sister and I had a subscription and attended the afternoon symphony performances over the last few years but this was only 4 or 5 times each year.  There were a few local musical performances in the Blue Mountains or Penrith.

In the 4 months I have been in Dunedin I have attended one performance by the NZ Symphony and 3 performances by the Southern Sinfonia. They have all been excellent, costing about $25 or $30 and I have been home in less than 20 minutes after the finish.  I also attended a concert by Dame Malvina Major, and a performance of the musical Dusty and the Cologne Philharmonic performed Vivaldi's Four seasons.

Last Sunday evening I attended the Knox Presbyterian church which was celebrating its 150th Anniversary. Their choir combined with that of the Anglican cathedral and the Dunedin City choir to perform Mozart's Requiem.  David Burchell, the Cathedral and City organist performed Haydn's Organ Concerto in C as well as accompanying the choirs

The whole performance was excellent.

I was interested to read a history of the Knox church which is the 2nd Presbyterian church in Dunedin.  Dunedin was found by Scots and so the Presbyterian church is more numerous than the Anglican. The First Presbyterian church dominates the city but I believe is more conservative. The Knox church voted in the National assembly to allow same-sex partnered ministers but was not successful.

I have found a video of the Knox church on You-tube although the tourist cannot spell Dunedin.

I have also included one small section (not from last Sunday) of the Requiem for your enjoyment.

Tonight I am attending the Regent Theatre in the city which needs upgrading and there is a variety concert with all genre of music not just classical. Not sure it will be to my taste but I was invited by new friends and it is in a good cause.

Snow is forecast for tonight so I hope it does not start until after I get home.  If the roads are open tomorrow afternoon I may attend Faure's requiem to be performed by the City Choir in the Cathedral.

Dunedin is certainly living up to my expectation of providing me with a lot of music experiences.


Fran said...

Oh Brian, it sounds like you have chosen a truly great place to live and I am glad that you are there. You are availing yourself of local cultural events, making new friends... You sound really good.

I so look forward to September. I may not comment much, but you are ever in my prayers and I am very excited about the prospect of meeting you!

Davis said...

Glad you've found a home nearer to good music!