Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prayers again

Quite shocked to learn of renewed large quake activity in Christchurch and leading up to Christmas. Enough to make me try and post on this wretched IPad.
Fortunately no severe injuries nor destruction except more liquefaction which must be heartbreaking. However the psychological stress will be severe.
Perhaps I should not leave the country as the first quake in September 2010 I was in Norway, the next big one, Boxing Day 2010, I was in Sydney, the worst one Feb 22, I was in NZ but down the far south on Stewart Island. The next big ones, last June, I was in Europe and now this lot the day after I flew back into Sydney.
One day in Sydney and I dislike the humidity, showers, some heavy and traffic. Fortunately I am not driving. Dunedin has sunny but not extreme temperatures for Christmas.

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Fran said...

I was so saddened to hear of this earlier. Bosco has been tweeting some updates. My heart breaks for Christchurch.