Monday, December 26, 2011

Reading NZ News - 2 Cities

It is now Boxing Day in both Sydney and Dunedin. I have been reading the Dunedin News.
An article written by a Dunedin journalist currently with family in Christchurch is quite sad.
" I pass the abandoned church where Christmas carols will not be sung "this happy morn". I pass the Postshop from where no Christmas cards were sent and a row of shops whose eftpos machines were silent this holiday season. I pass, also, the place where in February a man, quietly eating lunch in his van, was crushed to death."

Then I read about Christmas day in Dunedin There were 2 cruise ships in port and the Taieri
Gorge Railway carried 520 cruise ship passengers ( a record number)and other tourist sites recorded high numbers.

Comments (after finding many shops closed)
""But it's a beautiful place, and we'll be back," she said."

"This stop is a chance to get a decent cup of coffee, because you don't get it on the ship.

"We planned this to be a relaxing day, just sitting here, looking at the Robbie Burns statue."

While so proud of Dunedin and so thankful to be living there, I feel so sorry for Christchurch.
Jan Porter, of Brisbane, agreed. She was happy just to sit and admire the city's beautiful buildings.

"I even appreciated the seagulls - they're cheeky."

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