Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Rector for St James

It was a bit of a shock to receive an email from our Rector, Father Peter, announcing his departure in November. Personally I have never really taken to him, it may be his English reserve. However it is always a worry when you consider that any new Rector has to be approved by Bishop Robert Forsyth and Archbishop Peter Jensen. I do not trust either man as far as I could throw him and my continual prayer is to keep them, far away from me.

In the meantime our Assistant Priest, Father John, is to be Locum tenens. I would be overjoyed if he became our new Rector.
Hopefully it will all be irrelevant to me as I move to Dunedin but I am still concerned for the other parishioners, including my sister. I am also concerned that St James, King Street continue to be an inclusive church within the city of Sydney.
Prayers requested

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Anonymous said...

Prayers are on the way, that the Faith be preserved.