Sunday, August 23, 2009

One person's rubbish is another's treasure

This week is the yearly council cleanup in our suburb. I have lived here nearly 28 years and have a very large enclosed area under my house due to the slope of the land. Consequently I have gathered a lot of stuff that might be useful one day. It cannot travel to NZ with me. I worried that it might be more than the amount allowed. I need not have worried. There has been a procession of trucks and trailers up and down the street all weekend. As fast as I put stuff out it disappeared. The only major item left is a single mattress. It is in very good condition but understandable even charities will not take mattresses. I do have 2 single beds still under the house plus one in the house but will try to sell them before giving them to St Vinnies. My own double bed should have been replaced years ago, it will be scrapped when I leave. I did take old paint tins and other chemicals to a special collection a few months ago. I put out an old car battery which may not have been taken by council but someone else has taken it.

I have had less luck trying to sell boots I bought in the 70's on Ebay. A pair I bought in Madrid in 1980 did go the second time for just $10 plus postage. Hardly worth the effort. A better pair I bought in Rome in 1976 are now up for the second time plus some black high heeled boots bought in Australia. Also a grey leather jacket. I will try to sell a motor bike helmet and also some Marklin model trains. I always intended making use of them again when retired but will never find the time. The track which was rusty has gone in the bin.

I do not know what to do with thousands of coloured slides taken in the 60's to 80's There are drawers of them. I cannot bear to part with them.


Doorman-Priest said...

Wow. It must seem very real now.

Birdie said...

It is good for you to be able to let go of all of those things that were "perfectly good." That's the motto of a pack rat. I know because I'm married to one, and our two car garage has no room for any cars. Thank heaven he doesn't go in the basement much!

Is there a historical society that might like your slides? An archivist may find some real treasures in there.