Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renovations 2 Bathroom

When looking for a house in Dunedin, I was disappointed that none of those in my price range had an ensuite. I really appreciated having one for the 28 years I lived in the Blue Mountains.  I had thought I might buy a house with a large bedroom and install an ensuite but instead I have used an alcove in my new bedroom for a small study. However I did install a second toilet in the bathroom and it is just across the hall so really no further than back in Australia.  I was surprised that it is common in New Zealand for the bathroom and laundry to be combined which is what I now have.
The before photos are taken from the advertising pamphlet.

When I bought it the bathroom was painted grey including the ceiling where the manhole had been painted closed. Just one of the many ridiculous results of the DIY previous owner.
I had 2 and a half walls tiled and the others along with the ceiling painted white. A small laundry tub was installed. along with an extra toilet.  I should have replaced the shower as it had been badly installed but it is too late now as any new shower would probably require retiling parts of the walls. The timber windows were in poor condition so I had aluminum ones installed with double glazing and a mirror mounted  between them as well as a wider sill.  With the heat pump in the hall just outside I can leave the door open and it is lovely and warm.  
The vanity and cupboard had to be fixed to the wall, something the DIY guy apparently never got round to doing.   I, of course, bought a new washing machine.

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