Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walking in Dunedin

Nearly every Tuesday I join a group to walk in nearby areas. Two recent walks were cancelled due to snow and by the forecast next Tuesday will be also. Last Tuesday was a glorious day and the temperature rose above 11'C although it was only 3'C in the morning. We walked to Heyward Point.
First we were above the entrance to Otago Harbour and looking across to Taiaroa Head Lighthouse where the albatross nest. 

Then we walked around the Point with a few sections not meant for people like me who suffer from vertigo.

Lunch was at KaiKai beach.

We had to gain permission to cross a farm. I do not mind sheep but young inquisitive heifers are a different proposition. I waited until I had passed the gate before taking this photo.

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June Butler said...

Brian, your pictures are lovely. What a beautiful area for walking.