Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sculptures by the Sea

Last week our walking group went down to Sydney and walked from Bondi Beach
to Tamarama Beach then onto Bronte Beach.
This was not a very long walk but we were able to see the annual Sculptures by the Sea. There were over 150 sculptures on the cliff tops, rock shelves or beach. Some were a bit weird and wonderful. I have posted some to give you an idea of both the sculptures and the scenery.
The first was called 'Carbon Trader'
Next is 'Reaching for Balance'

Next is 'Humpback Gunship' which was a great one for children to play in as well as making a statement.

'Social Climbing'
And 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Finally a look back at where we had walked.


toujoursdan said...

I love Bondi beach, but Manly Beach (and the ferry ride) is my fave.

Brian R said...

Yes, when I was a teenager, I preferred Manly because of the ferry ride (Bondi was a tram in those days, now a bus).
When I got my wheels, I would go further afield but for a number of years I lived in the southern suburbs so Cronulla or rather Wanda (just north) was my choice. Now I live in the Mountains and have skin cancer, the idea of lying semi-naked on a beach is just not on. However still visit and walk or sit (in the shade).

Fran said...

That is beautiful!!! Oh to come visit one day... I hope to do so.

Brian R said...

Would love to be your guide some day, Fran

Doorman-Priest said...

Now, that's my sort of beach.

Davis said...

We lived just off Many Beach, but I still have a warm spot for Bronte.

Brian R said...

Yes Davis, I liked Bronte as well. A more intimate beach than Bondi.
D-P., I do remember freezing while sitting on the beach (pebbles) in England.