Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sermon for Today

For a down to earth sermon which says it all, visit Madpriest.
Ok most of my readers have probably been there first but just in case.
It is the best Christian discussion of the present global financial crisis that I have seen.
As I said in my comment, back more than 30 years ago when I finished school I had the choice of becoming a banker or a teacher. I actually was offered a job with (I think) ANZ. Fortunately my father (persuaded by my mother) agreed to pay my first year at university (as well as keep me). The 2nd year I was able (with vacation work) to pay my own fees but my parents still fed me. Finally I gained a scholarship for my 3rd and 4th years.
Teaching did not make me wealthy and there were lots of hassles and nervous breakdowns mainly because I am not the greatest disciplinarian but there were also many highs and I can look back with some satisfaction at what I achieved. I generally avoid having anything to do with banks these days.

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June Butler said...

You did the right thing, Brian.