Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bishop Gene Robinson writes from the Inauguration

If you haven't already, please read Bishop Gene's reports from Washington this week - his role last Sunday and his close to the centre view of the Inauguration day activities.
To me, a foreigner , watching on TV many thousands of miles away (at 4am) it has been wonderful to know that an openly gay man, an Episcopalian(Anglican) bishop has been so close, taken an important role and actually met and spoken with President Obama.
The fact that I met and received a hug from Bishop Gene in October 2007 has made me feel even closer "I danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales "

Obviously the day was unbelievable because a Black man became President of the United States of America and I can remember reading about the segregation back in the 60's as well as having visited museums and sites in Birmingham, Alabama.
I also remember that I voted in 1967 to allow Aborigines to be counted as people in the Australian census and of course it is just last year that our Commonwealth government finally said sorry for all the wrongs of the past.
However I can also see some changes in the open acknowledgement and acceptance of a gay person at such an event. I also remember that in the 1960's and 70's gay sexuality was a criminal offence and, as a teacher, it was imperative that I keep my sexuality hidden.

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