Tuesday, January 06, 2009


There is no way I can sensibly comment on this horrible situation. I do not have all the facts and certainly none of the wisdom.
Hamas aims for the complete destruction of Israel which is impossible. Egged on and assisted by Iran they continue to annoy Israel. While only a few Israelis have been killed by the rockets, I cannot imagine living in a place where there is the threat of a rocket crashing into one's home.
All this has done is pressure Israel to respond in what seems to be an overreaction.
I also cannot imagine what it would be like to live in the poverty and restrictions of Gaza and do understand that some of this would be stimulus for the actions being carried out by Hamas. In the meantime women, children and even many non-aligned men are suffering needlessly.
There is little I can do except pray that those involved on both sides will be given the wisdom to negotiate realistically.

However in a very modest way I can assist those who are suffering.

The Al Ahli Arab Hospital is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. I have been able to support it through Anglicord here in Australia but Americans can go to The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.
Because of its location in the centre of the City, the Hospital is able to receive casualties from a number of heavily populated neighbourhoods. It works closely with the Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Health, so when there is a demand for patient care, Ahli Arab Hospital is the first to receive the overflow from the government hospital in the central area of Gaza. While a Christian (Anglican/Episcopal to be precise) run hospital it helps all people so I feel it is a way I can give a small practical gift rather than just sitting here wringing my hands.

Another way to help without any religious connections is to give via Medecins Sans Frontiers which is my favourite overseas aid agency. I have, sadly, become a bit wary of Christian aid agencies though Anglicord is connected to the Melbourne Diocese, not Sydney (nuff said).
There was an interview on TV last night with an Australian nurse working with MSF in Gaza. While he said the fighting has closed down his clinic, they were still directing medical supplies to hospitals. More detail is at the site.

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Leonard said...

Thank you, very helpful...I sorted this thing out about the same way with the same inability to preach right from wrong, good from bad...they need a peace treaty followed up quickly by honorable support from friends and neighbors.