Thursday, January 08, 2009

Memories - my first crush

Way back in 1954, at the age of 10, I pinned above my bed a photo of Edmund Purdom and Ann Blyth in 'The Student Prince'. This was the first time I had ever done such a thing. I guess including both meant there was no cause for worry by my parents but I know now to whom I was most attracted. I also saw Purdom in 'The Egyptian'.

Sadly, I read today the obituary of Edmund Purdom who died on January 1.
While I have often listened to the songs, and of course the voice is Mario Lanza who was apparently too overweight for the role, this is the first time I can remember watching Edmund Purdom again. I can now see the dark hair, dark eyes and dimples which I have found irresistable in a man since.
Vale Edmund.


Fran said...

Thank you for this lovely and touching recollection from your youth. You have such a beautiful spirit about you Brian, you truly do.

Leonard said...

I agree with Fransheis, you have a lovely spirit about you that reaches all the way accross the globe...thanks, your memories are very similar to my own (although it appears I´m a year older as it turns out).


Leonardo Ricardo

Brian R said...

Thank you both very much, young Fran and old guy :-) Leonardo.

susan s. said...

They were both very beautiful! And so are you oh Noble Wolf. Lanza's voice actually is a good fit for Purdom's looks.

I remember the first time I heard Mario Lanza(my heart throb early on). My mother got records of the music from the movie 'The Great Caruso.' They were 78 rpm.s, very heavy and slightly fragile. We played them till they wore out. And I think this makes me older than any of you!

Brian R said...

Thank you Susan. I well remember playing 78's

Davis said...

And to think you still have that picture up on the wall! ;-)

I can share your enthusiasms!

Brian R said...

Only in the mind, Davis. Oh the memories.