Thursday, September 28, 2006

Exclusive Brethren

In the early 90's I was retraining as a librarian and sought work wherever possible. I had one job which required me to interview 8 people in a street and hopefully finish on Saturday. In one of my areas of Katoomba-Leura were households of exclusive brethren. I loved interviewing them as one could turn over the pages on cigarettes, television and radio as well as voting patterns and finish the interview in quicktime. When I asked one, who told me he did not watch television, listen to the radio or read newspapers, what he did with his time he told me he went to church and prayed. I nearly said "How do you know what to pray for?"
Apparently they are no longer willing to leave democracy up to God but are working surreptitiously to prevent leftist parties , particularly the Greens, from being elected. They have tried to dig up dirt about Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand. Heavens her husband was seen being hugged by a man on the night of her re-election!!! They particularly have it in for the leader of the Greens in Australia, Senator Bob Brown who, as an openly gay man, must be the devil incarnate.
Of course that weasel, Howard will not speak against them because they support his conservative views. He thinks it better to criticise Muslims who might hold unAustralian values. I know whose values I would rather adopt and it is not those of the Exclusive Brethren.
We are told they are astute and wealthy business men but I have been unable to find which businesses they own. I wish someone would tell me so that I might avoid doing business with any of them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steve Irwin

I agree with Germaine Greer. I am sorry a man died and am especially sorry for his wife and children. It is a pity he didn't consider them more. However He was an embarrassment. He abused animals and he was an example of the worst in the Australian character. This country gives state funerals to Irwin and Packer but hardly notices the death on the same day of a wonderful children's author like Colin Thiele.