Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flag Burning

I agree with Helen Irving in the SMH Flames of protest should be seen from more than one viewpoint While I would never burn the flag, I no longer wear it with pride as it has been shamed by this government and the fact that the people continue to vote for it. There are a lot worse things that can be done than burning a piece of cloth. A democracy allows freedom of speech and expression. As Helen says flag burning is not even illegal in the USA where they have always had a higher regard for their flag. I do honour the soldiers who fought under it but that was at a time when it stood for high ideals. I even respect the soldiers who fought in Vietnam and now in Iraq even though I believe both wars to be wrong.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

David Hicks

This misguided, foolish boy is becoming a hero because of the actions of the US and Australian Governments. He should have been tried long ago. Even my conservative friends are beginning to say this. Of course Howard and his mates are beginning to feel the winds of public opinion and are now talking about bringing him home if he is not soon brought to trial. This is not about justice. Bush and Howard do not believe in the concept. They are only interested in saving their own political skins. The USA is no longer a democratic state and Australia is being dragged down the same path.

Asylum Seekers & Indonesia

Congratulations to those few Liberal Members and Senators who forced Howard to back down and withdraw the Asylum Bill. It was going to make Australia an even more inhospitable and unfeeling country than it already is.
So the Indonesians will be upset. Bad luck. They seem to forget our Government gave half a billion dollars in aid after the Tsunami. I regret the small donation I made and will not be giving any money to help those in Indonesia in the future. And this is not religious discrimination. My last small donation in July was to a hospital in Gaza