Monday, August 15, 2011

Update Weather in Dunedin

24 hours later. Photo taken 11.15am
It was sunny then, you can see my footprints when I collected the daily newspaper earlier.  It was delivered but there is no school, buses are not running and they have advised only essential travel.
The following were taken at 12.40pm

But now 10 minutes later the sun is out again. I may go for a walk.

Road from city to airport was closed this morning but now open but that does not mean the road up the hill to me is open.  However all flights were cancelled until 12 when I last looked but cannot access the site at the moment.

Oh Oh, started to snow again, perhaps I will not walk just yet.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weather in Dunedin

For several days the forecast has been that the mother of all storms would start Saturday night and continue to Tuesday.

My plans

1. Tickets for the Southern Sinfonia Saturday night.
2. Church Sunday morning. Last for 2 weeks due to my trip to Australia
3. Movie Club Sunday afternoon
4. Regular afternoon walking group Monday
5. Tickets to NZ Symphony Monday night
6. Regular walking group Tuesday
7. Shuttle booked for 8am Wednesday to airport to catch plane 9.45am for Auckland         
    then onto Sydney.


The forecast was for snow to commence that evening. As I brought in more firewood, put shovel and yard broom handy and completed some landscaping/planting that I did not want to leave for 2 weeks,  I wondered whether I should risk the journey down the hill to the Town Hall for the concert.   Neighbour said the meteorologists are always spreading doom and gloom and he takes no notice.

At 5pm the snow forecast for the evening was removed from website so at 7pm I headed for the Town Hall and enjoyed the concert. When I came out it had been raining and the temperature was below 4’C but no snow or ice and I drove home safely.


7am There had been a dusting of snow overnight  but sky was mainly clear.
8am Begins to snow,  then clears and sun comes out
9.15am Prepare clothes to wear to church
9.20am Heavy snow, put off getting changed
9.40am Usual time to depart still snowing so decide not to go
10.00am Service must be starting,  sun out,  snow melting.
10.30 Regretting decision not to go.
11.00 Service probably nearly finished, snowing again quite heavily.
11.30 Sun out, road probably clear.
12.00 Snowing again but not heavy at the moment. However think I will miss the movies  at 1pm. The problem is will I be able to drive up the hill after 3pm.

The snow is pretty but there is a downside. Photo taken at 11.15 Sunday

Walking in Dunedin

Nearly every Tuesday I join a group to walk in nearby areas. Two recent walks were cancelled due to snow and by the forecast next Tuesday will be also. Last Tuesday was a glorious day and the temperature rose above 11'C although it was only 3'C in the morning. We walked to Heyward Point.
First we were above the entrance to Otago Harbour and looking across to Taiaroa Head Lighthouse where the albatross nest. 

Then we walked around the Point with a few sections not meant for people like me who suffer from vertigo.

Lunch was at KaiKai beach.

We had to gain permission to cross a farm. I do not mind sheep but young inquisitive heifers are a different proposition. I waited until I had passed the gate before taking this photo.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renovations 2 Bathroom

When looking for a house in Dunedin, I was disappointed that none of those in my price range had an ensuite. I really appreciated having one for the 28 years I lived in the Blue Mountains.  I had thought I might buy a house with a large bedroom and install an ensuite but instead I have used an alcove in my new bedroom for a small study. However I did install a second toilet in the bathroom and it is just across the hall so really no further than back in Australia.  I was surprised that it is common in New Zealand for the bathroom and laundry to be combined which is what I now have.
The before photos are taken from the advertising pamphlet.

When I bought it the bathroom was painted grey including the ceiling where the manhole had been painted closed. Just one of the many ridiculous results of the DIY previous owner.
I had 2 and a half walls tiled and the others along with the ceiling painted white. A small laundry tub was installed. along with an extra toilet.  I should have replaced the shower as it had been badly installed but it is too late now as any new shower would probably require retiling parts of the walls. The timber windows were in poor condition so I had aluminum ones installed with double glazing and a mirror mounted  between them as well as a wider sill.  With the heat pump in the hall just outside I can leave the door open and it is lovely and warm.  
The vanity and cupboard had to be fixed to the wall, something the DIY guy apparently never got round to doing.   I, of course, bought a new washing machine.