Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Television Programs

In the last 2 weeks there have been 2 programs on TV which have interviewed gay persons. How I wish there could have been such programs when I was young but then homosexuality was never mentioned in polite circles.
Anyway, on Sunday the Australian 60 minutes had a section on
Dads Coming Out
One guy is now happily partnered and still is friends with his ex-wife and accepted by his teenage children. He is very lucky but he talks about being brought up in a homophobic family and society which was the pressure on him to get married. His father's view was
'Gays, poofters, just should not be allowed to live — they should be wiped off the face of the earth'. 'All poofters should be put on a boat, dragged out to sea and sunk'. That is what I lived with my entire life.
Since he has come out his father no longer speaks to him.

What a contrast to the interview on Talking heads
with Jonathon Welch an Australian tenor and choirmaster who has become well known due to a program "the Choir of Hard Knocks" which created a choir out of homeless persons.

He came out to his family at the age of 18. He related:
'I can remember it was a Christmas Day, and I said, "I think I'm gay." And my sister said, "I've known that for years." And I went, "Oh. Well, why didn't you tell me," you know? But my family has been wonderful, you know. They've just loved me and accepted me for who I am. I'm very loved. Very fortunate.'

How much misery is caused by homophobia. How different it could all be.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gay Students at school

What a wonderful article written by a young gay student
We're here, we're queer, we're still in high school
So different from when I was at school , there was no internet and homosexuality was never discussed and unfortunately it is even different today from some church schools which are suppose to provide a caring environment judging from some of the comments.
In my occasional work at state schools, I have seen openly gay teachers chatting about their situation with their students. Of course anti-discrimination and support is the official stance in state schools and the teachers' union but I am not sure if it is always the case in practice. I was able to be completely open in a senior Catholic school in the 80's but it was difficult. However I still receive some messages of thanks from gay students of that time. Some I knew and could counsel, others remained hidden and only now are able to speak openly of their situation.
The comments are also interesting. Only a few show anti-gay prejudice.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lutheran Pastors in Chicago

Thanks Davis for recommending Father Jake's Blog and through (encouraged by Davis' comments on another forum) there I was led to the stand being made by Gay Lutheran pastors this week. Please read their stories at A Place Within My Walls.
I can only pray for my Diocese as one of the pastors prays
"I pray fervently for the day when we will be fully welcomed and embraced by the Church for the gifts we are and for the gifts we bring."
Sadly I believe that will be a long time in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Meanwhile the bishops of my own Anglican Diocese continue their stand against homosexuality by snubbing the Archbishop of Canterbury
Sydney bishops snub Anglican chief in gay row

It is very difficult to worship in a diocese which rejects people like me. Thank God for St James, King Street and its policy of acceptance for all