Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Howard meddles in US affairs

Quote from the editorial in today's Sydney Morning Herald.
"Instead of looking like a statesman bolstering the Washington link, he (John Howard) looks like the reverse - like a partisan politician meddling in another country's election for his friend and ideological ally, George Bush."
My only addition is that this idiot has never and could never look like a statesman.
Barack Obama had his number quick, pointing out he is all rhetoric and no action. Our actual contribution to the war in Iraq is piddling and would never be missed. Howard, however, is clever. He knows his reelection would be in jeopardy if (like in the USA) lots of our boys started coming home in body bags. Thankfully our only loss has been a guy who fooled around with his gun and shot himself.
In the last election Australian's were more interested in their own mortgages and interest rates than what might be happening in the world. They wrongly believed Howard's lies and as a result I am now ashamed to be an Australian. Hopefully they are now waking up. They can see Howard struggling to reverse his statements about Climate change and are becoming angry about the treatment of Hicks in Guantanamo Bay. Most are also turning against the war in Iraq. They are beginning to see that contrary to Howard's views, Al Quaeda see Bush's attack on Iraq as being a gift to their recruitment campaign.
The cartoon in today's paper shows Howard with all the chickens coming home to roost - oh if only it can only be true. I long to see the day when he faces the media, not with his usual self-satisfied grin, but to announce that he has lost the election. I will be delirious with joy.
The only thing I would miss would be watching him eat humble pie as he has to deal with Obama as president but no, I cannot wait that long.