Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sydney Anglicans made to pay

Good to see the Jensens had to pay for their mistreatment of Dr Goodenough
No Apology, but Church opts to pay up
It is sad to see the Church's dirty linen washed in public but the more the Jensens and their followers are exposed in the media the better. It is difficult to worship in this misogynist homophobic Diocese. Thankfully I can obtain some relief at St James, King Street, a beacon of light amidst the unrelenting darkness
Howard is obviously at home with the Sydney Anglicans He never apologises either.
I particularly agree with Dr Goodenough's comments
"What woman in her right mind, would volunteer... what intelligent woman is going to want to join a denomination like this?" she said.

"The Sydney Diocese, under Peter Jensen, risks being remembered in history as the most poorly administered ever. He is an absent, pontifical irrelevance.

"You cannot get through to him no matter how politely you write your letter.

"He wrote his thesis on the witch hunts.... need I say more?"

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