Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Asylum Seekers & Indonesia

Congratulations to those few Liberal Members and Senators who forced Howard to back down and withdraw the Asylum Bill. It was going to make Australia an even more inhospitable and unfeeling country than it already is.
So the Indonesians will be upset. Bad luck. They seem to forget our Government gave half a billion dollars in aid after the Tsunami. I regret the small donation I made and will not be giving any money to help those in Indonesia in the future. And this is not religious discrimination. My last small donation in July was to a hospital in Gaza

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Anonymous said...

Not too up to date with the Indonesian asylum seekers, but here in the States the Mexican "illegal" immigrant problem grows daily. The government is too divided to solve the situation. Recently individual towns and cities have begun creating laws against "illegal" immigrants on their own. This has brought on demonstrations and counter demonstrations like the recent one in New Jersey where Confederate flags (beloved of racists) and Nazi salutes were much in evidence.