Friday, June 01, 2007


This site will not work with my old version of Safari. I need a new computer (coming) before I can upgrade Safari. Have been using Netscape but it now crashes continually so I am testing Opera. Not much use blogging if I cannot link so if this does not work, then my blogging will have to wait until new computer arrives.  
I really feel for people my age without the finances to upgrade their technology.
My favourite newspaper is the Sydney Morning Herald 


Davis said...

Just to say hello and see if Opera is working, friend.

Brian R said...

Thanks Davis, Opera has at least allowed me to add links but composing the next post became a major headache as it does not put the page breaks in the relevant place. Luckily I learnt some html language when I first started composing homepages in the darks ages of 1996. I wish companies like banks, airlines, Google(who nowown this blog service) etc etc would not just assume everyone has the finances to upgrade their computer every year.