Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lutheran Pastors in Chicago

Thanks Davis for recommending Father Jake's Blog and through (encouraged by Davis' comments on another forum) there I was led to the stand being made by Gay Lutheran pastors this week. Please read their stories at A Place Within My Walls.
I can only pray for my Diocese as one of the pastors prays
"I pray fervently for the day when we will be fully welcomed and embraced by the Church for the gifts we are and for the gifts we bring."
Sadly I believe that will be a long time in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Meanwhile the bishops of my own Anglican Diocese continue their stand against homosexuality by snubbing the Archbishop of Canterbury
Sydney bishops snub Anglican chief in gay row

It is very difficult to worship in a diocese which rejects people like me. Thank God for St James, King Street and its policy of acceptance for all

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Davis said...

This shows only the sad domination of Sydney by Calvinists whose influence has waxed and waned throught the past nearly five centuries in Anglicanism. This "holier than thou" attitude is the downfalll of Christianity IMHO.

But we can celebrate these brave Lutherans!