Thursday, March 27, 2008

A personal request

On my forthcoming trip to Europe, I am staying in Munich with an ex-student who moved there in the early 1980's and has kindly offered his home as a base to where I can return every week or so.
He is a video editor, photographer and has created a short film "41 Sekunden" (German with sub-titles.) It is only about 3 minutes long. It did screen at the recent Gay Mardi Gras Film festival here in Sydney but I was unable to get there.
He has just sent me the following
Our witty, sexy, glossy short film "41 Sekunden" ("41 Seconds") is online at MTV's Logo. Drop by and have a look!

And please vote!! This may be my last chance to be famous!

I have finally seen it, a bit slow on my broadband. Warning if you are uncomfortable with male-male kissing do not view.


June Butler said...

Brian, the short is very well done. I confess that it did make me squirm a little, but had the two been a straight couple, it would still have made me squirm. It has to do with age, I suppose, and being acculturated to the notion that certain activities are private.

That's not to say that I never watch, because I do. I'm not shocked, just sqirmy.

Brian R said...

Thanks for your very honest comments grandmere.
I also have mixed feelings perhaps due to age. These days it is more and more common to have to sit in a train with a pair of young lovers further down the carriage going full steam oblivious to the other passengers. I am never sure whether my feelings are due to my age or jealousy that I was never able to do such things in public with a loved one and still could not.

susan s. said...

But, the whole point is that they are straight, or did I miss something in the accompanying discussion of the film by your friend? In any case, I thought it was quite sexy. Oh, and in the context of the movie, they weren't doing it in public, were they? It might be all our ages, ha, but I am very uncomfortable seeing that much PDA by _any_ couple.

I'm here from Alcibaide's blog, BTW

Brian R said...

Thanks for visiting Susan. I will be staying with Rodney next Wednesday night in Munich and will discuss it with him. Yes they are suppose to be straight and so were the actors in RL which I find difficult to believe as they had 4 weekends of practice :-)
By the way most of my posts are not at all sexy, sorry. :-)

susan s. said...

Well, I didn't exactly come here for the sex! I was reading your other later posts and just came across this. I think I will make a bookmark for your blog, ok?

susan s. said...

Brian, this is what I read in the interview at the movie site that made me think it was about straight boys...

"There has to be an alternative to violence, I thought, for straight boys caught in this tragic dilemma so I wrote 41 Seconds in a couple of hours to help them work out alternative methods of crisis management."

And the comment at the end of the movie about going to the football game made me laugh out loud!

Brian R said...

Please do bookmark, Susan. I visited Princess Ida but could not find any posts?????
I do not seem to have found the interview of Rodney you mentioned but will have a personal interview next week.
My blogging will be very different and haphazard for the next 2 months.

susan s. said...

it's there next to the video. At least on my computer. :-)