Friday, June 20, 2008

Various - mainly gay marriage and Jensen/GAFCON

Now that I am home, there seems little to blog about.  Or rather, the things I want to blog about are already filling other blogs. 
I am so happy about the gay marriages in California and the stand made by Rev Martin Dudley in London by marrying the two male priests. Like another Martin who made a stand and defied authorities in Wittenberg where I was less than 2 weeks ago.  I feel a little wistful reading at the happiness of these people.  I have only had just one relationship which lasted 18 months just over 25 years ago. 
I am also happy to see there are problems in GAFCON or gaffecon.  I could hug the Jordanians for keeping Akinola out.  There was an item in our paper about Jensen setting off for the meeting on the same day I received yet another request for funds from Anglicare  so I finally sent off an email and told them they were wasting their money sending me letters as I would not support any organisation of which he is President. I suggested he give them the money he spends jetting about the world aiming to destroy the Anglican church.  I bet he doesn't fly economy. 
They replied "Whilst ANGLICARE regret your decision to discontinue donation we nevertheless remain steadfast in support of our President and Chairman, Dr Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney" 
which only confirms my decision.  I guess this was pointed at my referring to him as just Peter Jensen. The only titles I feel like giving him these days are unprintable. 

However, in case any of you have not visited Father Jake recently please read the article in Newsweek  Let Me Worship as I am
As far as I am concerned, it says it all.


June Butler said...

The article in Newsweek is fine writing.

And don't forget one more Martin, Martin Luther King, who inspires many of us in the US to carry on the fight for equal rights within the church and within our civil society.

Davis said...

And the Martin who cut his cloak in half to give to the beggar. He didn't say "Do you agree with my theology?" he just cut it in half.

Boaz said...

Welcome Back Brian.

You've given me an idea, re: Anglicare. I think next time I hear from them I might tell them that I don't approve of their President either.

I dont think I can cut off my monthly direct debit donation. It's not much anyway and Ruth wouldn't let me, because she doesn't care about any of them, high or low!

But I think I should let them know.