Friday, January 09, 2009

Why do intelligent people do this?

Australian brothers killed in glacier adventure

Three times I took groups of my school students to the Fox Glacier in the 70's.
Very sad, a loss of young lives and unimaginable grief for the parents but they
"were crushed by ice after crossing safety barriers at the terminal face to take photos around 4.20pm yesterday. It is understood they had walked right up to the glacier - which is believed to be about 50 to 60 metres high - and touched it."


Fran said...

So tragic!

toujoursdan said...

The news reports have been full of people getting trapped and often dying in B.C. from avalanches this year. Everyone seems to be shaking their head and wondering why people would go out of bounds to the backcountry and put themselves at risk. I feel bad for anyone hurt but hope the government socks them with the bill for the costs of rescuing them.