Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Prayer Updates

I have been waiting for Archdeacon Kelvin Wright to report on the latest results from his doctor and was a little worried at no news but he has now reported that his PSA levels are going down which is a good sign that the Cancer has been eradicated. I will keep praying as the Big C can be illusive but remove him from the list and give Thanks to God.

I am also thankful that the Doctors are very pleased with Jill's kidney transplant. I saw her a week ago and she looks much better than she has for over a year. Her sister who donated the kidney is also doing well and therefore their Mother is very happy. More Thanks.

Father Bosco Peters is blogging again about the Liturgy but I am sure he, his wife and son will need continued prayer.

The Fire Victims will need prayers for a long time. There is a flood emergency just north of me now, I live in a country of extremes. We have had torrential rain but for me to be flooded up here in the Mountains would be a flood of Noah proportions. However I have just spent over half an hour slowing down traffic on the bends near my house after a young man skidded in the wet and crashed into the power pole in front of my house. Thankfully he and his companion were only shaken but too many people think that a narrow winding mountain road should be treated like their private race track.

Father Geoff Farrow and Bishop Gene Robinson are in continual need of prayer as they represent the gay community in their respective Churches.

I will add Rance's partner Marty who needs comfort at this time.

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers continuing!