Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who will rid us of this stupid archbishop?

The columnists who openly admit their atheism or agnosticism have had a field day with ++Jensen's latest address to Synod on the Financial Losses.
Mike Carlton as usual has a satirical article headed The St Jensen's Parish Newsletter

It concludes : The good news is that much of our work will continue. Dean Matthias Jensen would like to remind our menfolk that the Say No To Sodomy Supper will go ahead as planned next Friday. Mrs Hepzibah Jensen, chair of our Women's Subordination Committee, asks ladies to provide a plate for hubby to enjoy and share. More of those curried egg sandwiches, please!

Peter Fitzsimons, after referring to Jensen wondering what God was trying to say to us,  says "Was God, perhaps, punishing them for going up against the Archbishop of Canterbury on the subject of gay priests or even for arrogantly betting the farm on dodgy investmensts and borrowing money to do so?
and finishes "Or perhaps, sir, he is saying that people whose thought processes are locked into this kind of medieval superstition, shouldn't be allowed to vote, let alone be in charge of $200 million"

Our rector, in his sermon, told us that one woman from Anglicans Together had put several motions to the Synod asking that the Standing committee be called to account but they were all defeated. I am afraid I snorted in derision.
Perhaps it was a mistake to allow a woman to put forward such motions, I mean these people think women should be outside preparing the supper and they also think those of us who are "liberal catholics" should just keep quiet
They have made Christianity and Anglicanism the laughing stock of Sydney. I think the Archbishop and the rest of the Calvinist Fundies would be better being the ones to keep quiet and they would be more productive and honouring of the gospel if they went and baked some cakes and fed the poor.


Anonymous said...

It would be a great disappointment if Mr Jensen and house-elf Dobby disappeared. They provide Anglicans with endless hours of laughter and satire. In this dull world, the Church needs its comedians.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Compass and I think a lot of people should do the right thing and stand down. The only way out for this Sydney church now, is to abolish all links with the world wide religious right. That would mean abandoning GAFCON, disbanding the Anglican Church League and sacking personnel who have interests in private enterprise that links them to the evangelical right wing extremists. That way the Sydney Anglican Diocese can reunite with the rest of the Australian communion. I think there are a few Anglicans that should seek forgiveness from the GLBT people who have suffered persecution as a direct result of their actions. I think Melbourne Anglicans had it right. Jensen's gambling losses were because of his involvement in GAFCON and thank goodness for those losses because he would have no doubt used his money to spread his bigotry and hatred. I reckon it's goodbye Mr Jensen.
Sydney sider

Leonard said...

Can´t the entire Jensen gang ¨stand down¨ and assume some, unheard of to date, humility (even if they have to force it upon themselves or have it forced upon THEM from bigger/smarter fish in their water/squandering rapids that is drying up to a trickle)? Imagine supporting the bloodbath of legislation in Uganda and Nigeria being released again LGBT Anglicans/others? This is a very sick crowd and they don´t even know when they´ve bottomed out!