Saturday, November 14, 2009


It has been a while since I described my Musical Activities. That was "Showboat' in the first half of 1991, the year when I had very little employment and no idea what my future would be.   After such a large production in the first half of the year, we took on the much easier 'Oklahoma' for the later part of the year. I was one of the Territory folks.  I did actually pluck up courage and audition for the role of 'Jud' without success.
I enjoyed being a cowboy, in fact I had all the necessary costume in my wardrobe. Here I am in the middle. The guy on my left, also named Brian, is still in the musical society.  He took a role in 'Sound of Music ' which I saw the Society put on two weeks ago.

I am wearing my leather vest in the finale in the second photo.

I cannot resist including the hunky, sexy, Hugh Jackman singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning'.


June Butler said...

Brian, I lightened up the picture a little for my own viewing pleasure so I could get a better look. You were a looker then, and I'll wager that you're still a looker now.

Brian R said...

Blushing here Mimi, It is amazing what a little stage makeup can do. needs to be a bit thicker these days :-)

motheramelia said...

I agree with Mimi. You were quite handsome and those looks usually don't go away. Nice to see some of your history.