Friday, December 11, 2009

I am finally going

I accepted an offer for my house nearly 2 weeks ago which was at the top level of my expectations and they are buying both the house and adjoining block but contracts were only exchanged yesterday.  Therefore I will be moving out of my home of 28 years on January 15 and have booked a flight to Dunedin, New Zealand on January 22.

It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and believe it is right for me but also know there will be times of loneliness until I get settled.
I also suffer from nerves (not the best for a person who spent their career teaching adolescents) so need to pray for calmness as I pack up, hold garage sales and get rid of rubbish.

Photo shows Dunedin. The suburbs where I hope to live are in the hills above the city - a little to the left of centre.


Anonymous said...

All the best Brian.
I'm glad you avoided Uganda!

Anonymous said...

You will certainly miss living under a tyrannical oppression. Praise the Lord! You are to be from Jensenism. Prayers and good wishes for the move.

June Butler said...

Brian, prayers for a smooth (more or less) move, m'dear. I know that every move is fraught, but I hope that your packing and clearing out goes well. I pray for peace for you during the process and afterward in your new home.

Brian R said...

Thank you Sydneysider. Revd Ivan and Mimi. I will appreciate your prayers.

Leonard said...

This is soooo looks soothing where you´re going...good thing you had the nerve to have the nerves and just DO IT!

Happy everything,


motheramelia said...

Brian that is such good news. Moving is stressful, so try to take it easy. I'm afraid I never get enough done until I'm up against a deadline and then the stress is even worse. Hope we get to see you next year. In the meantime, prayers going your way.

Birdie said...

Wow, so it's finally time to move. Times of stress will end in a new home and a new start. I send up prayers for an easy move (if there is such a thing) and great neighbors.

Alcibiades said...

Congratulations - looks like you've beaten us in the race to move east!

Prayers for you with the packing/moving work - I'm currently in Christchurch for Christmas and can assure you it'll all be worth the effort.

Davis said...

But, Brian, who will bring me the good tidings from Jensenland?! Have a safe and happy move.