Saturday, January 30, 2010


I reserved 10 nights in a motel, was advised it was smallest room near road but when I arrived, discovered it was also beyond the range of wifi. However owners, when told wifi was going to be very important to me,  upgraded me to largest room for 6 nights at no extra charge. Have now spent 2 nights back in small room which is very very small, using the carpark to internet. Has been hot (for Dunedin) 25'C, but today a cold change so now sitting rugged up.

Longer term accommodation seemed a problem as I was unwilling to enter into a long term lease. After trying several agents I was advised of a motel which had special rates for long term accommodation.  On Monday I am moving to a self-service room at $300 (including wifi) per week as against the $95 per night for the very very small room at the moment. The new motel is suppose to be modern and funky with uni students staying there, will report later.

Spent an afternoon looking at small cars. I know very little about cars and have no interest in them except getting from A to B.
Am renting a Hyundai Getz and looked at Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift and Ford Fiesta. Decided the Fiesta was best although dearer and have put a deposit on one. Suppose to be available end of next week and have been offered a free loan of a car after I return the rented Getz next Tuesday.

Have been informed, after ringing several wrong numbers given to me in Sydney that my unaccompanied luggage arrived Christchurch on Thursday afternoon and is being driven??? down to Dunedin. It will be available, customs permitting, on Monday. Really do not want it now because as mentioned I am in a very very small room.

Inspected inside of 9 homes and rejected from outside about a dozen more.  Made offer on one yesterday and after some haggling and rising of price, owner accepted. Have signed agreement subject to building survey and, all being well, settlement will occur on February 25.

Will try to blog more frequently next week and give more details of house when I am in a wifi equipped room rather than sitting in  a cold wind in the motel carpark.

Now going back to the very very small room to get warm.


Fran said...

Great to get the update - I have been thinking of and praying for you!

motheramelia said...

Great to know things are moving forward. I can't imagine how much energy all of this is taking. Prayers from Maine as well.

MLBuchanan said...

Sounds good - let me know when everything is settled.

Davis said...

Now this is getting exciting, Brian!

Doorman-Priest said...

Good news on the long term home. I look forward to pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your cyber friends are following you around. Keep happy and may you be blessed.

Alcibiades said...

Prayers are still with you. As an old rev-head who's tinkered with cars all his life I can assure you that you made the best choice with the Ford. My sister-in-law in Christchurch has one and is very happy with it: having worked on a friend's Swift there's no doubt about which one I'd recommend: God is indeed looking after you!