Sunday, May 09, 2010

Various Musings

On another forum I saw this video posted describing homosexual life in San Francisco in the 1950's and 60's. I do not remember any item in particular that I would have seen on TV in those days. It was not often discussed while I was at school, certainly not in the circles in which I moved.   However I remember it as a shock when I realised in my first year at university that my feelings had a name and people like me were an object either of ridicule or disgust.  For a good living Christian youth, who would never even think of breaking any other law, this brought feelings of shame and self loathing. Even psychologists told me I would be a risk as a school teacher, in danger of succumbing to my feelings. I now know that was ridiculous, no more danger than a young heterosexual teaching girls. Of course, one or two do succumb but the vast majority of us have far more self-control.

Thank God those days are over in most of society except in sections of the church. In the 60's I would never have believed that homosexuality would be legal and there would be openly gay bishops, judges and politicians. Or that gay marriage would even be on the political agenda.

However I acknowledge, without going into detail, that I have been damaged by the experience. I do not want young gay people today to feel that they are disgusting and alien to their society. Shame on those church leaders who perpetuate this crime. To say that homosexuality is a choice is just so wrong as to be laughable. Like so many I did everything possible to change and that just led to greater misery.

However, after viewing this video and feeling a bit depressed, I visited The Soaring Impulse and listened to Maithri

I admire him so much but feel guilty that I do so little. I sent some money but really it is less than the cost of one night in a hotel on the journey I am planning.
Perhaps some others can help by visiting Possible Dreams International.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Powerful stuff Brian. Did the Sydney Diocese produce the first video?

Cheers Sydney Sider

Davis said...

Good post Brian. I too remember how hard it was in those days.