Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Plans Part 3

It is just over a week until I leave Dunedin. I have mixed feelings. Never thought that after only 6 months I would be feeling sad at leaving both the city and my new friends.

I have made some changes to my New England plans and there are some problems with Nova Scotia. I discovered that I could catch a train from Albany to Port Kent in upper New York State and from there travel across the lake by ferry to Burlington. I was able to cancel the hotel reservation in Springfield. After the 3 days in Burlington I will catch the train to New Haven and then the next morning to Boston. I hope to visit both Salem and Concord.

After flying from Boston to Halifax I plan to catch the bus to Baddeck the same day,  do a tour of the Cabot trail the next day then back to Halifax.  However the Tour operator will not take a booking until they have at least 2 people for the trip so I need to ring closer to the date.
I am wondering if it will be better to just spend 4 nights in Halifax.

I am booked on the overnight train from Halifax to Montreal. After 2 nights there I have a train ticket to Quebec for 3 nights then back through Montreal to Ottawa for 4 nights.

From Ottawa to Toronto for 2 nights but I have booked a full day return by train to Niagara Falls so I will not see much of Toronto.

Then I fly to San Francisco for 2 nights before tackling the long overnight journey back to Auckland, of course losing a whole day in the process.

I will arrive Auckland on October 31 at 5.45am and catch the 7.15am plane arriving Dunedin at 9.30am. Sorry I will not be at the 10 am Eucharist but will have to wait until the afternoon to collect my car as it is being stored in the garage of one of the church wardens.

I am keen to see friends back in Sydney and excited about the Norway cruise, the Proms in London and the Passion Play. It will be great to meet people from online as I travel through the USA but I am feeling I may be a bit deflated  by the time I reach Canada and just want to get home.
It is just hitting me that I will be away for 12 weeks which is longer than any time away since way back in 1974.
All up I will be in  Australia 12 nights
                             Thailand 1 night
                              Germany 5 nights
                              Denmark 3 nights
                              Norway 14 nights
                              England 8 nights
                              Luxembourg 1 night
                              USA 21 nights
                              Canada 16 nights
                           Ship between Denmark and Norway 1 night
                           Ship between Denmark and England 1 night
                              Plane between USA and NZ 1 night


Fran said...

Wow - it is a long trip! I am so glad that you have settled into your new home and really taken root there. It will all await your return!

And I cannot believe that I will be meeting you! This is something that I think of often and I look forward to very much.

Prayers for your journey!

Anonymous said...

So much to may be on overload...take it easy, enjoy, eat your din-din and take your´re really embarking on a lovely in when you able to.

Happy everything,
Leonardo Ricardo

MLBuchanan said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. Have a safe trip.

Doorman-Priest said...

I am seriously jealous! Hope to catch you on route.

Birdie said...

I too am looking forward to your Chicago visit!

This itinerary looks extraordinarily ambitious. Wow. Take lots of pictures, please!