Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snow in Dunedin

I moved here 18 months ago and chose to live in one of the higher suburbs above 300 metres. I was very disappointed last year when there was no snowfall before I left for my overseas trip in early August. There was a light fall the week after I left but 2010 had less snow than anyone could remember.

Ten days ago there was a fall for about an hour and I was very excited and took photos.

There was another fall two days later but during the night and it melted fairly quickly.
However today there has been quite heavy snow all day and I have made a movie (with appropriate dramatic music).

Since making the movie, there has been even more snow although I managed to go for a short walk in a break.

I am landscaping the front garden and  purchased plants last week. I laid them out yesterday but need to think more before actually planting them in the ground.

I know those who live in the Northern hemisphere will not be impressed but I grew up in the "Land of sunburnt plains"and have always dreamed of living where it snowed.


JCF said...

I think those who live in one of the Northern Hemisphere's many *heatwaves* at the moment, will appreciate the visual Brrrrrrrr! ;-)

motheramelia said...

I'm with JCF, although this morning has turned out beautiful. The heat wave has broken in Maine

Birdie said...

I know how you feel, having grown up in sunny Florida. It took 20 years to finally tire of the cold weather in Indiana, although virgin snow is always beautiful. Now that I can't play in it, it's not quite as appealing as it was. Enjoy your snow!