Monday, August 15, 2011

Update Weather in Dunedin

24 hours later. Photo taken 11.15am
It was sunny then, you can see my footprints when I collected the daily newspaper earlier.  It was delivered but there is no school, buses are not running and they have advised only essential travel.
The following were taken at 12.40pm

But now 10 minutes later the sun is out again. I may go for a walk.

Road from city to airport was closed this morning but now open but that does not mean the road up the hill to me is open.  However all flights were cancelled until 12 when I last looked but cannot access the site at the moment.

Oh Oh, started to snow again, perhaps I will not walk just yet.


JCF said...

Have broken air conditioner here in Sunny California.

Looking at your upside-down weather helps! ;-)

motheramelia said...

A good sturdy pair of boots and a dog are necessary to go out in such weather. I like watching from a nice warm house. When the sun is really out then it is wonderful to be out in the snow.

June Butler said...

It's hard to believe that you're in snow, and our temperature is 100.6°F. What a strange planet we inhabit.