Monday, October 17, 2011


I knew that reunions, and unfortunately also funerals, would be a problem when I moved to New Zealand. I missed Garry's funeral back in April.

In August I went to Australia for 12 days primarily for a reunion of the school where I taught for 15 years. I combined it with a holiday in Victoria. The actual reunion was disappointing mainly because it was for all students at a school which is celebrating 60 years this year. There were not many attending that I knew and there were no name tags. Guys my age were asking me if I was a student at their time and it was hard to decide if anyone was someone I taught.  I had black hair and no glasses in those days.  I only stayed about 2 hours. Fortunately I flew over on frequent flyer points.

Tomorrow is a reunion of my own class after 50 years and I have managed to get cheap flights. However the flight leaves Christchurch at 7am tomorrow and, rather than stay at a motel (and check out about 5am), I am catching the Knightrider bus which leaves Dunedin at 9.30pm and arrives Christchurch airport at 3.15am.  I will arrive my sister's home about 10am so hope I can get some rest before heading out for the reunion about 4.30pm.

I am only staying 2 nights and flying back on Thursday.  Fortunately, while flying into Christchurch,  I managed to get a flight onto Dunedin for the same price as the bus. I will have to pay for the shuttle from the airport to home but will be home 5 hours earlier.

I do hope this reunion is better and makes the trip worthwhile.

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Fran said...

Safe and happy travels. One never knows what a reunion will bring, but I hope you have a good journey.