Monday, September 24, 2012

No to Homophobia

I have just discovered that the following advertisement was shown at the AFL Football in Melbourne.
Apparently its airing was pushed by an openly gay footballer.

Also this weekend I read an obituary for the man who was my music teacher at high school way back in 1959. 
Denis helped develop my love of music, however I was struck by the following.
Denis Condon is survived by his partner of 47 years, Robert Mitchell.

I wish he could have been openly gay and therefore a role model for me. Of course, in those days,  he would have been sacked and possibly worse if he had come out.
Sometime I have to pinch myself at the changes that have happened since I was growing up.

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Fran said...

Thank God that things are changing, sometimes it all seems to slow, but slow or not, change comes. But I can't help but think of how such role models could have changed so many lives. Thank God for you and for your life, lived as authentically as it is.