Sunday, May 18, 2014


I watched this video several months ago and was impressed.  Kelvin Holdsworth has just posted it on his blog for the International Day Against Homophobia.  I did not even know it was that day.
It is so true that we are all a little bit homophobic because of the way we are brought up. Yet, when I called another commenter on Anglicandownunder a homophobe, Rev Peter Carrell criticised me. I have not commented there since and only occasionally visit.  As a high school teacher for over 40 years I know what it is like to hide one's sexuality.  I was not very successful.  Recently, in a conversation over coffee with a lady I had only just met, I said I was gay and her reply was "that's obvious dear." Sadly I tried to analyse why.  To my shame I have always felt a little uncomfortable with drag queens. I should admire them for their courage.
Recently I was chatting with a gay man who is in his early 30's.  I said "I do not go into a room and announce I am gay".   His reply "I do".  Sadly, despite my best efforts, I am still the product of  70 years of homophobia.
Anyway try to find 10 minutes to watch the video.

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