Wednesday, January 09, 2008


In one Catholic school where I worked as Teacher Librarian, there was a section of the English course in Year 8 titled "Heroes & Heroines" in which the students had to research and present a paper on their own choice. I saw it as a great opportunity to teach information literacy. However, I was usually horrified at the subject choices made by the students. Usually the latest film, rock, sport star, some with doubtful morals. However as I wasn't actually teaching and marking the course, just assisting, there was little I could do about it.
I was reminded of this when watching the 7.30 report on Monday night. It began with the topic that has filled Australia news for the past few days. Of course there is nothing more important than cricket. I do not know if Harbhajan Singh did call Andrew Symonds a monkey but if he did I am quite sure the Australian team had already done some name-calling of their own. I believe they like to cast slurs on the wives of the opposition members, not racism but just as childish. It reminds me of the behaviour of some of those Year 8 students I use to teach when I use to tell them to grow up. Beyond that I could not be bothered becoming involved as to who started it.
The same 7.30 report ended with a story about heart surgeons and nurses spending their leave time and own money to travel to Rwanda and operate on children with operations that are now fairly commonplace here in Australia but impossible over there. In the process they were also teaching local doctors. No secret who I think are the real heroes

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Alcibiades said...

And won't it be a glorious day when these heroes are the first story of the evening, instead of the last!