Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jackie and Brokeback

Just a follow-up. Jackie died last night our time. A message from her daughter-in-law about Jackie and the Brokeback Mountain Forum as related by one of the members.
"she spoke of how we all changed her excited she was when she would go to the get togethers...her self esteem was zero before she met us,she never thought herself as beautiful,she was always too fat and ugly she would say.... *sigh*...the beauty she had inside...her soul that touched us can she say she wasn't beautiful?....but Paula says the difference it made on her after she began getting involved with us ,how it perked her up and made her believe she was in fact a gorgeous woman..heart and soul,that's where it is within....we changed her makes me so happy to hear this from one of her family members."

Jackie's ashes are going to be taken to Brokeback Mountain....and will be spread freely.

As I have said many times, this movie worked miracles on many levels despite the sneers of some.


Davis said...

It worked miracles for me, too, Brian. And knowing people like Jackie - and you especially - have continued that work. Let us press on.

Anonymous said...

And let's not worry about any sneers.....they're only from people who don't understand what they're missing!