Sunday, April 13, 2008

My travels begin

As hinted several times recently, I leave home tomorrow for two months of travel in Europe. I hope to fill you in with some details as I go.
After a night in the city, I fly out at 10 am on Tuesday to Bangkok where I will spend the night. Flying for about 22 hours straight through is my idea of torture so I prefer to break it into a 9 hour and a 12 hour sector. Even so I will be glad to see Munich on Wednesday night.

I would appreciate your prayers while I travel. I did not plan well for attending church. I am not visiting England so need to find Anglican churches on the continent which are only in major cities.
My only real chance is Riga on May 18. I will say a private prayer when visiting some of the glorious churches along the way.

If some of you are kind enough to comment please do not be offended at any delay in approval. I will only be blogging when I have WIFI connection.

Hope to follow some of the blogs on the right when I get a chance.

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